Joe Who?

joe-andrade-photoI am an engineering professor at the University of Utah, having served in several administrative positions, including Dean of Engineering. I retired July 1, 2012, to fully focus on this campaign.
I am a scientist and engineer with books, patents, and scientific publications.
A fuller bio is at:
During the past several years I have participated in meetings, hearings, and demonstrations related to environment and climate, energy, and related areas.
I am very dissatisfied with the political process, with the two major parties, with money in politics, and with the financial and tax policies which have resulted in the nation’s debt and with income divergence and inequality. See the Platform tab at the top left.
I am interested and involved in science education, science literacy, and the need for an electorate with critical thinking skills. I was one of the major drivers and planners for TheLeonardo: I still do energy basic workshops and demos at various community events (see On the Road tab at left) and work closely with TheLeonardo, including doing Introducing Leonardo da Vinci presentations and demonstrations.
I have a special interest in encouraging youth and adults who aren’t ideologues to participate in the political process.

The Call – Towards Personal Independence and Responsibility is a pamphlet I’ve written for teens and others to take control of their life and world. View or download The Call   please distribute it widely.

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