joe-andrade-photoWelcome! Joe Andrade is a Citizen Candidate running for US Congress in Utah’s ‘new’ District 2. I am an independent, unaffiliated candidate – no party; no hidden agendas. See my KUED Channel 7 video at: http://www.voteutah.org/candidates/us-house-2/joseph-andrade

Contact me at:    2012andrade@gmail.com  and                      801-706-6747

This campaign is targeted to adults – individuals who can deal with facts, realism, and practical approaches to issues and problems. I will not be seeking donations and will run few, if any, ads. I will be factual, honest, and transparent.

Thomas Paine said it best:     I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense.

My platform is based on:
       getting money out of politics – restore democracy;
       developing a truly sustainable, inclusive forward-oriented economy;
       providing accessible health care for all;
       providing accessible education for all.
The video on the right outlines my general platform and reasons for running.
Chris Stewart is the Republican candidate – here’s what I think of his platform:

http://youtu.be/FiTUWLy96ac  see also my Blog (tab at top of page).

More details are in the Tabs at the top of this page:
values visualizedPlatform – includes a platform Preamble and General Platform, as well as positions on major issues, including:
Federal Lands and Utah
Life, Health, and Health Care
Energy + Stuff + Services = Economy and Jobs
Immigration, Security, and Fear
It also includes my input to various Voter’s Guides.
On the Road includes my travel and speaking schedule and campaign calendar, as well as photos from my On the Road adventures. It also includes volunteer and public awareness activities.  Speeches and talks are also noted and available there.
Media includes links to interviews, press, talks, etc.
The Joe Tab includes info on my background, values, quotations, music links, and files for printing and using campaign business cards, posters, T-shirts, car signs, and bumper stickers.
Be sure you and your friends are registered to vote: See  http://voter.utah.gov/
(last day to register on line is Oct. 22)
and please spread the word on Andrade for Congress!

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